I  work with adults and adolescents to resolve a broad array of issues including trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, life transitions and perinatal/postpartum. I am LGBTQIA affirmative and I am committed to the work of healing racial trauma.

Family therapy can help with communication and reduce conflicts, leading to a more harmonious environment. We all know, parenting is NOT easy, and we all need some support. Therapy can help you face difficult moments in parenting, recognize intergenerational traumas and create a more conscious parenting style. 

I  run online support groups for NICU parents through Mighty Little Giants- a non-profit organization that advocates through providing support, education and hope for mothers and fathers experiencing pre-term deliveries resulting in long-term stays in the hospitals’ NICU. https://mightylittlegiants.org

           Couples Counseling

I am trained in couples modalities such as Gottman, Emotionally Focused and Psychodynamic, among others. Most importantly, therapy should be a safe space where you can explore blocks, triggers and negative patterns. Relationships get hard when people get stuck in anger, resentment, or apathy. We will work together so you can then understand your needs and deeper emotions. 

Career Counseling

Career counseling  is designed to help with choosing, changing, or leaving a career.  One's career is often one of the most important aspects of adulthood, and embarking on a new career, whether for the first time, the second time, or any time thereafter, can be a stress inducing event. As a APCC I can assist by exploring your skills and strengths, determine interests and personality type and broaden your perspectives.