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                                                               About Me.

   I received my Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, and have training in Maternal Mental Health and NICU Considerations. I am trained in EMDR, and postpartum mood disorders. In addition, I have experience working with adolescents , both neurodiverse and neurotypical (and their families), in a high school setting.

   I provide an inclusive safe space for you to explore you. I will work to empower you as you navigate life transitions. I offer a nurturing, humorous and direct approach.  I am not a therapist who sits and stares at you with a blank expression, but rather I am collaborative and curious and know support is vital.


   My perinatal work is grounded in my personal journey, as a Single Mother by Choice, which took me through fertility treatments, bedrest, a high risk pregnancy and a child born premature.  I have an insiders understanding of navigating the NICU, early interventions, IEPs and advocating for a child with developmental delays.

   I am passionate about supporting parents maneuver through parenting, with all its joys and challenges


   I believe in the intersection of psychotherapy and social change, and see the impact of intergenerational trauma, especially on BIPOC psyches and bodies. I am committed to healing justice and achieving wellness through systemic change. I am a proud member of ProChoiceTherapists.


   I also have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and spent many years working  professionally in the entertainment industry, so I myself have navigated all those ups and downs. ​



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