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Often, we feel we are surviving rather than thriving. And perhaps you are worried about the way you feel- powerless, lonely, sad or overwhelmed.  Life can be hard. I can help. 

Maybe you are a new parent and it isn't what you expected, or even hoped for. Nobody tells you about the postpartum experience. The internal voice in your head that is constantly critiquing the new role of motherhood you're taking on, mourning the version of yourself you once were. Are you Motherless Mothering and coming up against the sadness, jealousy and fear of not having a mother to guide you? Maybe you are struggling with infertility and the pressure and panic that comes with it.

Are your relationships always in conflict? Struggling at work? Perhaps you feel stuck in grief or loss. Or that your anxiety is running the show. If you had a big life change recently that adjustment can be difficult and isolating.

Are you in the entertainment profession and struggling to navigate the ego bruises and the instability?

Therapy gives you the pen to write your own story. I can help you illuminate your power in a world that may tell you that you are powerless. I can help you see what already lies within you.

About my approach.


My approach toward therapy is trauma informed, relational and integrated---

inspired by Psychodynamic, EMDR, IFS, CBT, Mindfulness, Humanistic, and Attachment Perspectives. I use a direct approach, with humor and empathy. 

Together we address traumas, behaviors, and relationships that have triggered negative self-beliefs and interfered with the ability to meet potential.

We can explore postpartum experiences, talk about conscious healthy parenting or navigate your fertility journey. We can attend to your relationship and family dynamics to allow for healthier communication and break negative cycles.


We mourn and grieve, and create new possibilities.

We create deeper awareness around the factors that result in unwanted patterns and feelings, so you are able to take the actions needed.  

We do this together. 

For more info, check out my profile on Psychology Today 

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A little about me.

​I received my Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, and am certified in Maternal Mental Health and NICU Considerations. I am trained in EMDR and postpartum mood disorders. In addition, I have experience working with adolescents , (neurodiverse and neurotypical) and their families in a high school setting.


​   I provide an inclusive safe space for you to explore you. I will work to empower you as you navigate life transitions. I offer a nurturing, humorous and direct approach.  I am not a therapist who sits and stares at you with a blank expression, but rather I am collaborative and curious and know support is vital.

My perinatal work is grounded in my personal journey, as a Single Mother by Choice, which took me through fertility treatments, bedrest, a high risk pregnancy and a child born premature. I have an insiders understanding of navigating the NICU , early interventions, IEPs and advocating for a child with developmental delays. 

      I am passionate about supporting parents maneuver through parenting, with all its joys and challenges.​I believe in the intersection of psychotherapy and social change, and see the impact of intergenerational trauma, especially on BIPOC psyches and bodies. I am committed to healing justice and achieving wellness through systemic change.


 I also have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and spent many years working professionally in the entertainment industry, so I myself have navigated all those ups and downs.


For APCC,I am working under the supervision of Erin Hickman, LMFT, PMH-C, CA License #111012

I am fully licensed as LMFT

and Who I Work With.

I work with adults and adolescents to resolve a broad array of issues including trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, life transitions, family conflict and postpartum issues.

Whether you are coming in to address childhood issues, a new stage of life you are struggling to adjust to, relationship concerns, low self esteem, or numerous other amazing reasons to start therapy- I create a personalized treatment plan for you. I use talk therapy, body and mindfulness work, EMDR, Safe and Sound Protocol, trauma informed therapies and more. Therapy should never be one size fits all. 

I utilize LGBTQ Affirmative therapy and am committed to the work of healing racial trauma. 

Family therapy can help with communication and reduce conflicts, leading to a more harmonious environment. We all know, parenting is NOT easy, and we all need some support. Therapy can help you face difficult moments in parenting, recognize intergenerational traumas and create a more conscious parenting style. 

 I offer assistance to parents navigating IEP's and supportive therapies. Parenting a child with special needs, or sensory challenges, or a diagnosis, or even a Highly Sensitive child, comes with its own stressors and the need of knowledge and coping tools. You are not alone.


I also offer CoParenting Therapy, which can be a powerful way to put your children first and create a healthy, safe coparenting plan.

I am trained in couples modalities such as Gottman, Emotionally Focused and Psychodynamic, among others. Most importantly, therapy should be a safe space where you can explore blocks, triggers and negative patterns. Relationships get hard when people get stuck in anger, resentment, or apathy. We will work together so you can then understand your needs and deeper emotions. 

I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)  and use it both as a stand alone therapy, or incorporated into a longer, eclectic therapy plan. EMDR involves talking and bilateral stimulation. The aim is to reduce distress and negative beliefs associated with past overwhelming or traumatic experiences that are having a significant impact on mental health. 

I also offer Safe and Sound Protocol,

 a therapeutic tool designed to reset the nervous system and return it to safety. SSP features specially filtered music that stimulates the vagus nerve.

Get In Touch.

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Glad you reached out!

Finding a therapist that feels like the right fit is important. To see if we might work successfully together, I offer free 15-min phone call or  zoom consultations. I use these brief sessions to see if it feels like we can work together on some of the things that are keeping you from the life you want. Reach out!

  • In Person Sessions available for vaccinated clients in offices in Valencia and Sherman Oaks 

  • Telehealth Sessions

  • Insurance not accepted, out-of-network benefits may be available


Sliding Scale may be available, financial need forms available per request


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